S1 Ep 05: Are You Going Along To Get Along?

Being authentic in both your personal and business life seems to be a no-brainer but so many people get this wrong. It can be hard to follow your own path when other people have expectations of you. Today I am sharing how this affected my life, what I learned and how it will affect your business.

ACTIONABLE TO DO: download the pdf’s. Write down 5 THINGS you are doing because it is expected of you, or because you are being nice. Then write down what you would change to make those things authentic to yourself. Then print out the AUTHENTIC CHECKLIST and start checking them off as you achieve them.

EMAIL SEGMENT: TALK YOUR SHET Email me at businessshet@gmail.com with any questions you would like answered.

Thanks for listening and remember in order for your business to succeed it must be the SHET:  Solve a problem, help them passed their current stage, earn respect, and build trust

 Im out

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