S2 Ep 02: You Said It Costs How Much!?

Hi Guys! Today we are talking about how to price your products and services. I hope through a series of questions and examples I can help guide you and take the fear out of pricing.


Play with the numbers! What are you comfortable charging for your time and don’t forget to consider your consumables and materials.

Example of consumables and materials

  1. Time
  2. Materials
  3. Website fees
  4. E-commerce charges
  5. Packaging
  6. Promotional Ads
  7. Time and expense to ship 
  8. Wear and tear on your tools or equipment.

Think of ways to develop easier to produce, smaller items with lower price points to cushion in-between the sale you really want.

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Thanks for listening and remember in order for your business to succeed it must be the SHET: 

Solve a problem, help them passed your current stage, earn respect, and build trust

 I’m out.

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