S1 Ep 02: It’s Not Always Peaches & Cream

Hey Guys! Welcome to episode 02 of Business Shet, Today’s topic is “It Aint Always Peaches & Cream, It Can Be More Like Shit & Flies.

Deciding to become an entrepreneur takes courage and faith. I decided to walk away from my job a year and a half after launching my blog, but it didn’t always feel good, and it didn’t always go smoothly. In this episode, I discuss the highs and lows of a decision to start or grow a business with fundamental questions I think everyone is looking to become an entrepreneur should ask themselves.

5 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself and Be Honest!

  1. Are you ready to quit or grow?
  2. Do you have what it takes?
  3. Do you enjoy social media?
  4. Can you motivate yourself when things get hard?
  5. Do you think big enough?

Actionable To Do: I want you to focus on the vision for your life and business I want you to write it down and be descriptive. A friend of mine, Sarah Centrella wrote a book called Hustle, Believe, Receive and one of the things she does is creates vision boards for her life, what she wants to manifest, her book is a great resource. Start a board! 

Email Segment: Email me businessshet@gmail.com with any questions you’d like me to discuss on the podcast.

Thanks for listening and remember for your business to succeed it must be the SHET: SOLVE a problem or need, HELP your customer/follower move past their current stage/ EARN respect and Build TRUST.

Im out.